The Blackman High School football program knows how to work hard and play hard.  The program is built on hard work, dedication, and a commitment to excellence on both sides of the ball.  Another important dimension to what we do is having fun together and building community between coaches, players, parents, and the community of Blackman.  


In the spring time you can find the Blaze rising with the sun, and participating in the annual rite of passage.  With a 7:15 am start time, we find out really fast who’s willing to pay the price to compete for championships.  As we sweat together we build the bonds that will help us fight for each other when the season rolls around.


Daily weight lifting is a way of life for the Blackman Blaze.  Our Lift-A-Thon event gives us a chance to raise money for the program and share with our fans the hard work we’ve been doing through the summer.  We regularly see players cheering each other on to personal records in bench press, dead lifts, squats, and more.  We thank all of our sponsors for this event.  Your proceeds help us get the gear and materials we need to run a top-notch program.

Community events

The Blackman High School football program shares a special connection to our community.  This comes from special events that happen through out the year.  Just a few examples are our kids summer camp, stadium clean up day, Blackman Day with the middle school and youth league programs, and Mom’s event for women in the community.